The Newark Division of Police is pleased to provide you an online method to report an abandoned vehicle that is located within the Newark City limits.

A vehicle may be reported as “abandoned” if it meets one of the following criteria from Newark Codified Ordinance 452.05 (Willfully Leaving Vehicles on UNPOSTED Private Property):

Section a 4 Hour Violation Parking on Residential (3 Separate Households or less) or Agricultural property)
Section b Longer than Agreed Upon with Garage Owner
Section e Violation of 48 Hours Parked on All Other Nonresidential or Nonagricultural Property (Streets/Highways, and all other private property), or 72 Hours Abandon Junk Motor Vehicle on Private Property (Vehicle less than $50.00)

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Vehicle Location: Provide the location where the vehicle s parked. Include the street address, apartment number, building name or any other information that will describe where we may locate the vehicle.