This form is provided so that you may provide information about a potential crime or other concerns.

If it is an emergency or you need immediate assistance please call 911.

If you need an officer dispatched to your location to make an official police report contact 740-670-7200 and select option “1”.

If you choose to use this form please understand this is not an official police report. Please provide us with as much information as possible so that the appropriate police personnel will be notified. It is also important, but not mandatory, that you provide information about yourself and how we might contact you if we find your information may require further action on the part of our department.

If the information can not be acted upon by the Newark Division of Police or a representative thereof, the report will be forwarded to an appropriate agency.

Submit Information about an Non-Emergency Incident - No Violence or Injury

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Thank you for providing this information. It will be reviewed by a police officer and appropriate action will be taken based on the information provided. Please call 911 if the problem becomes an emergency involving violence, injury or destruction of property.