Newark Addiction Recovery Initiative (NARI)

Need Help?  You are not alone!  Recovery is possible!

In the event in which you would like to speak with someone confidentially concerning yourself or a loved one in regards to information about NARI, please contact the Newark Ohio Division of Police at 740.670.7200 or contact Officer Trent Stanford directly at 740.670.7213.  Please leave a message and you will receive a return call.

The Newark Ohio Division of Police along with NARI advocates Colleen Richards and Trisha Perry are eager to assist you in your recovery.

To share or read more about NARI, please download our brochure here:  Newark Ohio NARI

Did you Know?

  • The average overdose age range in Licking County is 29-67 years old.
  • Ohio ranks #1, followed by California, in overdose deaths.
  • Across Ohio in 2015, someone died of an overdoes every 2 hours and 52 minutes.  That is nearly 8 deaths each day.
  • Drug overdoses killed 3050 Ohioans in 2015.
  • The Newark Ohio Division of Fire used 120 does of Naloxone (NARCAN) in 2015.

What is NARI and what is the Mission?

  • The heroin and drug epidemic is now a public health crisis which has caused record overdose deaths and a drastic increase in crime.  Law enforcement’s traditional and predominate approach focus on the enforcement aspect, with few resources dedicated to the addiction aspect of the criss The Newark Ohio Division of Police has joined the Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative (PAARI) and local resources to address the addiction side of the drug epidemic to prevent crime and overdose deaths.
  • We support a 3-prong approach to combating illegal drugs.  Enforcement, Education and Treatment.
  • We recognize addiction is a disease which can benefit from medical intervention and treatment.
  • Any Licking County resident who voluntarily enters the police station and requests help with their addiction to drugs will be screened for potential participation in NARI.
  • If the person who has requested help with their addiction is in possession of drugs or their drug equipment (needles, etc.), they WILL NOT be criminally charged.  The materials will be collected for destruction.
  • NO questioning of the person will be undertaken in an effort to collect drug intelligence.
    • Disqualifiers:
      • Outstanding arrest warrants(s).
      • Registered sex offender or has felony sex offense conviction.
      • Under the age of 18 without parent/guardian consent.
      • Felony drug traffic conviction.

**Supervisors may consider participation in NARI even if a disqualifier is present**