• Chief Erik McKee

    Chief Erik McKee has assumed the duties of Commander of the Newark Division of Police Administrative Bureau. A 22 year veteran of the Division, joined the Division in 1995 and has served as a K9 officer, Patrol Bureau supervisor and Detective Bureau Command.

  • Deputy Chief Craig Riley

    Deputy Chief Riley joined the Newark Division of Police on June 1989. A 28 year veteran he was promoted to Sergeant in 2001 and to Captain in 2006. He has served as a Patrol Bureau Supervisor, an Administration Bureau Supervisor, Commander of the Detective  Bureau and Commander of the Patrol Bureau. He currently serves as the Detective Bureau Commander .

  • Deputy Chief Darrin Logan

    Deputy Chief Logan started his NPD career in November of 1993.  He was promoted to Sergeant in August of 2010 and the rank of Captain in November of 2016. During his 23 + year career at the Newark Division of Police he has served as a Patrol Officer, Officer Coordinator, Firearms Instructor, Honor Guard, Patrol Sergeant, […]

  • Sergeant Jeff Pritt

    Administrative Sergeant

  • Sergeant Chuck Wilhelm

    Team 5 Supervisor

  • Sergeant John Brnjic

    Detective Supervisor

  • Sergeant Al Shaffer

    Training Supervisor

  • Sergeant Clint Eskins

    Records Supervisor / Public Information Officer

  • Sergeant Doug Bline

    Community Initiatives Unit Supervisor

  • Sergeant Jon Bell

    Team 4 Supervisor